Veloche’s Sustainability Initiatives

In the dynamic world of interior fit out, interior design, and exhibition stands, Veloche Interior and Exhibition has not only carved a niche for itself but is also setting new industry standards under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Debanjali Kamstra. However, what truly sets Veloche Interior and Exhibition apart is not just thei

r exceptional designs but their unwavering commitment to sustainability. This commitment recently received a remarkable global recognition when Mrs. Debanjali Kamstra clinched the prestigious title of Mrs. Earth 2023.

Sustainable Vision: A Cornerstone of Veloche Interior and Exhibition’s Philosophy

At Veloche Interior and Exhibition, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. The company’s mission revolves around contributing positively to the environment with each project they undertake. Whether it’s interior fit outs, interior design, or exhibition stands, Veloche’s team is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices that leave a lasting impact.

Illuminating Efficiency: Motion Sensor Lights and Solar Panels

One of Veloche Interior and Exhibition’s groundbreaking sustainability initiatives involves reducing energy consumption. They have proposed the installation of motion sensor lights, both indoor and outdoor, to minimize unnecessary electricity usage. This not only saves energy but also significantly cuts down on electricity bills, making it a win-win for clients and the environment alike.

In addition to motion sensor lights, Veloche Interior and Exhibition plans to harness the power of the sun by installing solar panels on various surfaces, including rooftops, cladding walls, and car parks. This innovative move not only helps generate clean energy but also reduces the company’s carbon footprint. It’s a testament to their commitment to sustainability, where they’re not just minimizing their impact but actively contributing to the generation of green energy.


Water Conservation: From Ablution to Gardening

Water is a precious resource, and Veloche Interior and Exhibition is determined to make the most of it while being responsible stewards of this essential element. Their sustainability initiatives include filtering wastewater from ablution areas, wash basins, and showers. This filtered water is then repurposed for activities like gardening, car washing, and even the chill water plant.

By taking this eco-conscious approach, Veloche Interior and Exhibition not only conserves water but also reduces the strain on local water resources. It’s a prime example of how thoughtful planning can make a significant difference in sustainable practices.

Mrs. Debanjali Kamstra: A Champion of Sustainability

Mrs. Debanjali Kamstra, the driving force behind Veloche Interior and Exhibition, has made sustainability a central tenet of her professional life. Her recent achievement of winning the Mrs. Earth 2023 title is a testament to her dedication to environmental causes. Her platform provides her with a global stage to promote sustainability and inspire positive change.

Veloche Interior and Exhibition’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond lip service. With innovative solutions like motion sensor lights, solar panels, and water conservation, they are actively demonstrating that it’s possible to combine stunning design with eco-conscious practices. As they continue to raise the bar in their industry, one thing is certain: Veloche Interior and Exhibition is shaping a more sustainable future