Christmas Party 2022 at Veloche Head Office

The Christmas season is a time for celebration and the Veloche Interior and Exhibition team at the head office was no exception. The team came together for a Secret Santa play and it was a blast!

The event was filled with laughter and joy as the team members opened their gifts and shared in the excitement of the season. The team had a great time bonding and connecting with each other as they exchanged gifts.

To add to the festive atmosphere, the team decided to arrange a small evening party with refreshments. The party was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time. The refreshments were delicious and helped to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

The team enjoyed catching up with each other and exchanging stories while savoring the delicious refreshments. It was a great way to bond and strengthen the team spirit. The party was a perfect way to end the year and everyone left feeling uplifted and in high spirits.

Overall, the Secret Santa play and the small evening party with refreshments were a fantastic way for the Veloche Interior and Exhibition team to come together and celebrate the festive season. It was a great opportunity for the team to unwind and have some fun together, and it helped to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere in the office.