Project for Dubai Health Authority at Sheikh Ahmed Square

In the fast-paced world of interior design and exhibition, completing a project of significant scale and complexity in just five months is nothing short of extraordinary. Veloche Interior and Exhibition recently achieved this remarkable feat with their project for the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the challenges, dedication, and exceptional design that made this project a true milestone for the company.

Designing the Impossible

Interior design and fit out

When the Dubai Health Authority approached Veloche Interior and Exhibition, they presented a daunting challenge: transform Sheikh Ahmed Square (SAS), a sprawling 14,000-square-meter area, in just five months. What seemed impossible to many was seen as an opportunity by Veloche, a chance to prove their expertise and commitment to excellence.

The clock started ticking, and Veloche’s team went into overdrive. In just two months, they conceptualized a visionary design that would set Sheikh Ahmed Square apart. Each divisional space was meticulously designed, with unique color schemes and moods, creating a seamless yet distinct ambiance throughout. What truly set this project apart was the extensive use of greenery, which not only provided an air of serenity but also promoted a refreshing and health-focused atmosphere.

To ensure the highest quality, Veloche turned to their sister company, Ventura, renowned for producing high-quality furniture in Turkey. The result was an ensemble of fine finished furnishings that not only elevated the space but also set the stage for a vibrant and serene working environment.

A Dedicated Team

Completing a project of this magnitude demanded more than just design prowess; it required unwavering dedication from a highly qualified professional team. Veloche Interior and Exhibition’s Designers, Project Management experts, Production teams, and MEP specialists came together, committing their expertise and energy to the project. They worked tirelessly, even during challenging periods like Ramadan, festive holidays, and the scorching summer heat.

The Dubai Health Authority project was more than just a job; it became a mission, a commitment to excellence. Veloche’s team invested not only their skills but also their hearts and souls into making this vision a reality. The end result was nothing short of awe-inspiring, a testament to the team’s dedication and expertise.

A Showcase of Skills and Capabilities

The DHA project allowed Veloche Interior and Exhibition to showcase their unparalleled skills and capabilities. It highlighted their ability to take on high-budget, time-sensitive projects and deliver exceptional results. The project was a turning point, demonstrating their commitment to excellence, innovative design, and an unwavering dedication to their clients’ needs.

Looking Forward

As Veloche Interior and Exhibition continues to push the boundaries of interior design and exhibition, they eagerly anticipate more opportunities to create remarkable spaces that inspire and captivate. The company looks forward to strengthening its partnership with the Dubai Health Authority and collaborating with other clients in the future.